CTAT was founded in 1989 and started a new chapter as CTAT, LLC in 2015. We are a national training, consulting, and coaching organization with a focus on programs for leadership development, growing teams, and disability services. We provide online training and webinars to conveniently meet your needs and customized programs to efficiently address your specific issues.

Increase your leaders’ and teams’ capacities and expertise with CTAT, LLC’s top-notch facilitators/trainers, consultants, and coaches. Sharpen skills and gain insights through innovative and interactive activities to create more of the results you strive for; turn challenges into productive opportunities and lessons learned through customized programs.

We support professionals and people in diverse populations such as:
  • Human Services and Government Organizations
  • Vocational Rehabilitation and their vendors
  • Disabilities
  • Brain Injury
  • Poverty
Our Mission:
  • To change lives and transform organizations through education and consultation
We Believe In:

Fostering improved practices for individuals and organizations

  • Exceptional customer service
  • Inspiring others to excel
  • Successful partnerships
  • Inclusion of all people as active participants at work and in the community
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Job development, supported employment, and business partnerships
  • ROI
Our continued success is based on:

Fostering improved practices for individuals and organizations

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Improving client outcomes
  • Listening to our customers
  • A commitment to quality
  • Developing and maintaining collaborative relationships