Leadership Development

innerleadershipIncrease your leaders’ and teams’ capacities and expertise with CTAT, LLC’s top-notch trainers and consultants. Sharpen skills and gain insights through innovative and interactive activities to create more of the results you desire. Turn challenges into productive learning opportunities and lessons learned through CTAT’s customized programming.

The two-part Articulate Leader Program is a professional development opportunity specifically designed for high-potential leaders to ensure they have the skills and tools to be even more successful in their current roles. It contains modules for leaders to:

  • Create a deeper understanding and commitment while enhancing skills to articulate to top leadership knowledge about the business line/organization and how it impacts the bottom line.
  • Enhance conversational speaking skills to articulate a focused message.
  • Represent your organization in an exemplary manner to obtain optimal results in delivering value to your customer and to support continued growth of your business/organization.

Highlights of the program include:

  • Pre-work assignments
  • In-class lectures and interactive discussions
  • Group work and presentations
  • Video-tape session with individual and group feedback
  • One-on-one coaching sessions
  • Follow-up presentations and feedback sessions with members of your leadership team

This program will support the continued development of current and future decision-makers into visionary leaders needed to support your organization’s growth.

“We’ve used The Articulate Leader program to prepare our up-and-coming leaders to have greater visibility and credibility with clients and executive management. I’ve been truly impressed with the advances I’ve seen in their performance as they present with greater clarity and confidence.”

Kathleen Kerr, President, MAXIMUS Human Services North America

This unique program is designed to help you communicate and influence decisions as an effective, exemplary and compelling leader. Learn how to compassionately improve teamwork, trust, vision and accountability through a number of leadership, teambuilding, and performance improvement modules. You and your colleagues will sharpen skills, gain insights, and turn challenges into productive learning opportunities.

The following modules can be facilitated via webinar or face-to-face formats and can be selected individually or as a package. Please contact Joanne Cohen, CTAT, LLC for more information.

Module #1: How to Effectively Develop your Leaders and Teams

  • Explore components of change for leadership and team development
  • Begin to examine personal strengths and challenges.
  • Become aware of the power of context.
  • Focus on behaviors to support change.
  • Determine some changes you may wish to make.
  • Start/Stop/Continue

Module #2: Assessing Strengths to Create a High Performance Team

  • Business case for assessing strengths.
  • Description of the process.
  • Why focus on strengths?
  • Your top strengths.
  • A, S, N process/exercise.
  • The power of utilizing strengths at The Center for Technical Assistance and Training, Denver, Colorado.
  • Suggestions for you individually and for your teams.
  • Start/Stop/Continue
  • EDIT Process

Module #3: Raising the Bar to Achieve Maximum Team Effectiveness and Results

  • Raising the Bar Program and Participants.
  • Description of the process.
  • Your two-hour module.
  • Group vs. Team
  • Your current team.
  • What’s working?
  • What can be better?
  • Effective “Raising the Bar” tools.
  • Start/Stop/Continue
  • EDIT Process

Module #4: Effective Tools to Coach your Team: Don’t Leave Home without Them!

  • The mindset of a leader and its importance
  • Moving your team from functional to HIGHLY functional
  • IQ, technical skills, and EQ (Emotional Intelligence)—The importance of each
  • Coaching to “raise the bar.”
  • Team Operating Agreements—An Effective coaching tool.
  • EDIT process

Module #5: ** Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce

  • Understand and discuss differences between the four generations and application to self/corporate teams/students/administration/clients/etc.
  • Become aware of generational preferences and communication.
  • Intrinsic and extrinsic motivations.
  • Understand the connection between miscommunication amongst the generations and lost productivity.
  • Discuss today’s multi-generational workplace and how to be productive.
  • Appreciate different perspectives that each generation brings to the workplace and to each of our lives.
    EDIT Process

**Participants will participate in an active experiential Connecting Generations (TM) game to drive home the key learnings from this module

“Facilitators are fantastic. Their knowledge and experience and love for what they do is so evident! Content was well organized and sufficiently covered.”

Cindy Garcia, Arapahoe County, CO

“It is incredibly apparent that Leadership and the topics surrounding are Joanne’s lifework and it is a pleasure seeing the joy it brings her.”

“The tools, resources, book references are invaluable in moving forward to create a team that walks and talks in synch. It’s a great compilation of leadership skills and techniques. I loved everything!”

“Clearly each facilitator has experience in a variety of positions and teams and speaks from personal experience yet understands it’s not a one size fit’s all training and each person here has unique personalities and strengths.”

“Very useful and meaningful information presented. Gave me a better perspective in my leadership role. Appreciated all the handouts—able to focus more than focusing on taking notes. Enjoyed the exercises and involvement of audience. All presenters were great—very enthusiastic and very personable with sharing experiences.”

We take a consultative approach to coaching, whether it is follow-up coaching after a program or individualized coaching to help executives and employees move forward with professional and personal goals. Coaching is available by appointment in a conference call format.

  • Can include 360 Feedback assessments
  • Will empower remote staff
  • Cultivates high performance teams and individuals
  • Learn to manage up, sideways and down within the organization

This cutting-edge, personalized and high-powered program can transform how leaders lead and teams develop at your organization. CTAT, LLC is committed to providing state of the art coaching, training, and consulting that will enhance your organization’s ability to develop and sustain a high performance results-oriented workplace.

This next level of leadership will “raise their own bar” and accelerate their ability to perform and create exceptional results for organization and your stakeholders. They will apply all concepts learned to real life experiences during the program AND when they return to work. Program components include a part or all of the following:

  • All participants complete an Aspiration and Experience Overview.
  • All participants take a 360 degree Assessment and receive feedback with CTAT, LLC Senior Organizational Consultant.
  • Each participant co-creates an Individual Development Action Plan (IDAP).
  • Each participant meets quarterly in Denver or another selected city for a 1-2-day (depending upon topic and # of participants) Leadership Training Retreat.
  • Each participant will have the option to attend Leadership Webinars quarterly.
  • A Leadership Development Book Club will be available.
  • Community of Practice Forum will be formed.
  • On-going 1:1 Executive Coaching.

Download attached program description for details.

360 Assessments are tools to enhance learning and behavioral change, resulting in stronger individual and team performance. 360 assessments are not performance reviews, but are confidential measures to help individuals and teams improve performance while enhancing productivity. CTAT, LLC’s 360 assessment and associated coaching processes are safe, engaging, and fun.

Following extensive research, CTAT, LLC has adopted 4-D Systems’ 360 assessment tool. 4-D Systems was founded by Charlie Pellerin, former head of Astrophysics at NASA, and has assisted more than 2000 teams during the past twenty years. By identifying its assessments as “accelerators,” the 4-D Systems model promotes improvement in work and personal life while increasing productivity.

What does the 4-D “accelerator” do?

  • It assesses 8 key behaviors that critically impact individual and team performance.
  • Along with coaching, it provides a safe way to hear what people are already thinking about you and/or the team, providing each person with the opportunity to become better understood and to perform at higher levels.
  • With re-assessments, you have the opportunity to see a record of your feedback over time.
Participants will engage in a discussion via an “active and experiential format that focuses on enhancing communication between various generations. By bridging generation gaps, participants are encouraged to honor one another and respect differences. This in turn will create awareness, reduce stress, and promote productive relationships both professionally and personally. This session is for those who have experienced conflict and misunderstanding with those of other generations and those who want to expand their “diversity” consciousness and understanding of four generations at work and outside work.


Participants will discuss and ultimately understand:

  • Differences between the four generations
  • Generational preferences and communication styles
  • The connection between miscommunication among today’s multi-generational workplace and productivity/employee engagement
  • The different strengths and perspectives each generation brings to each other and in the workplace
  • Create an interactive and fun learning experience for participants
  • Additional learning points will be integrated into this session by our seasoned CTAT, LLC facilitators.

This workshop can be customized for intact teams by integrating feedback/input from leader and participants prior to session.