Our Operating Agreements And Values

We get strength from our values, and so do the organizations and individuals who work with us. We believe in the following:


We agree to take ownership and responsibility for our relationships, commitments, and projects.


We agree to value our differences, express appreciation and gratitude for others’ contributions and celebrate personal and team accomplishments.


We agree to engage in dialog with positive intention and with a partnership mindset, listening openly, addressing concerns truthfully and compassionately,and resolving issues by offering solutions.

Creativity and Innovation

We agree to energize the creative talents in everyone and leverage our diverse strengths to develop exceptional products and services that improve and expand our revenue sources.


We agree to work effectively with our team, using mistakes and challenges as opportunities to learn and grow, thereby focusing on achieving superior results that exceed customer expectations.


We agree to see the best in ourselves and others while being considerate, caring, and supportive, addressing concerns in a professional manner.

Strategic Business Development

We agree to create partnerships and plan projects based on capacity, revenue potential, expertise, and sustainability.


We agree to fulfill our commitments with honesty, integrity, and dignity, knowing that our actions will create trust amongour customers, colleagues, and CTAT, LLC Associates.

United Front

We agree to contribute to projects as a cohesive team member, supporting decisions and actions, while being mindful of CTAT, LLC mission and goals.

Work-Life Harmony

We agree to have fun in work and life while maintaining balance, focus, perspective, and enthusiasm.

We agree to support each other in keeping these agreements, regularly reviewing them for relevancy and importance.