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Dr. Danny Mistry’s Aasha Brain Clinic: Neurodiversity, Concussion, and Brain Injury

Dr. Danny Mistry uses a team of healthcare professionals to help brain injury survivors. By Eliza Marie Somers As a brain injury survivor, do you sometimes feel as if you’re spinning your wheels dashing to vision therapy to vestibular therapy to speech therapy? It’s no wonder mTBI survivors experience fatigue, especially when you add in […]

The Importance of Self Advocacy, Asking Others, and Finding Advocates When You Don’t Know Where to Go

By Eliza Marie Somers Speaking up and advocating for yourself can be a difficult prospect for many individuals, and this is especially problematic for many brain injury survivors who don’t have the capacity to undertake such a daunting task. After a brain injury, many survivors are dealing with their new normal: fatigue, brain fog, headaches, […]

ABLE Accounts: Saving Money for Your Future While Protecting Your Eligibility for Public Assistance Programs

Courtesy of the Colorado Able Website and the State of Colorado. By Eliza Marie Somers Saving money while on federal assistance is nearly impossible for many brain injury survivors as they risk losing their Medicaid coverage or Supplemental Security Income (SSI). For example: to be eligible AND remain eligible for Medicaid a person cannot have […]

Brain Injury Talk Provides Information and Hope for the Latino Community

By: Regina Schoenfeld Close to 5.3 million U.S. residents live with a disability related to a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). When we consider that 21% of Colorado's population has Latino or Hispanic roots, and some proportion of this population is not fluent in English, we can begin to understand how many TBI survivors need access […]

Charla Sobre Lesiones Cerebrales proporciona información y esperanza para la comunidad Latina

Por: Regina Schoenfeld Cerca de 5.3 millones de habitantes de EEUU viven con una discapacidad relacionada con una Lesión Cerebral Traumática (LCT). Cuando tomamos en cuenta que el 21% de la población de Colorado tiene raíces Latinas o Hispanas, y alguna proporción de esta población no domina el Inglés, podemos empezar a comprender cuantos sobrevivientes […]

Tools to Protect Your Future

Tools to Protect Your Future: Financial Health, Trusts, Power of Attorney, Conservatorship, Guardianship, Resources and More How to Protect Your Assets Executive Director of the Colorado Fund for People with Disabilities Megan Brand says estate planning is essential especially for people who rely on Medicaid or Supplemental Security Income. By Eliza Marie Somers We’ve all […]

COVID and the Impact on Our Brains

Research confirms the virus the causes COVID-19 can have multiple effects on the brain that can last for months or longer. Photo courtesy of FusionMedicalAnimation After three years of an ongoing once in a lifetime pandemic more awareness and studies are being directed at people who experience COVID-19 long-haul syndrome, whose symptoms mimic that of […]

Brain Injury Treatment Panel – Options for Continued Recovery

Brain Injury Treatment Panel – Options for Continued Recovery By Eliza Marie Somers Many brain injury survivors turn to “alternative” or “holistic” healers and experience progress in their recovery journeys. The Brain Injury Hope Foundation (BIHF) enjoys sharing some of these healthcare providers with the mTBI community through our Survivor Series. We do not endorse […]

Mental Health Panel: Promoting Well-Being for Individuals with Brain Injuries

Jess Tiergyn along with their service dog is a therapist and a brain injury survivor. Mental Health Panel: Promoting Well-Being for Individuals with Brain Injuries By Eliza Marie Somers Recovering from a traumatic brain injury not only takes a physical toll on your body, it also can have damaging effects on your mental health, including […]

Hearing Sensitivities and Tinnitus

Debra Finegold says she got her life back after using ear filters. Before the filters she could not go outside because the sound was so painful. Hearing Sensitivities and Tinnitus By Eliza Marie Somers Suffering a traumatic brain injury, even a mild TBI, can result in a range of issues connected to the ear, including […]

Care Partner Panel: Strategies to Support Brain Injury Survivors and Yourself

Iris Reyes says there is joy in seeing her husband, Jose, make strides in his recovery. Care Partner Panel: Strategies to Support Brain Injury Survivors and Yourself By Eliza Marie Somers The feeling of being overwhelmed is a common refrain among care partners of traumatic brain injury survivors, however, so is the joy they feel […]

Survivor Panel: Resiliency and Moving from Struggle to Thriving

Maggie Whittum uses art therapy to help in her recovery from a stroke. This is a self-portrait she created to show half her face as unrecognizable. Survivor Panel: Resiliency and Moving from Struggle to Thriving By Eliza Marie Somers Just as no two traumatic brain injuries are alike, so too are the recoveries from TBIs, […]