Why People Choose CTAT, LLC

Clients choose us because we deliver results they can see, feel, and measure. These testimonials include statements about CTAT, LLC services, workshops, online courses, and more. Leadership and transformation for organizations, teams, and individuals is developed through experience, communication, and an expression of authentic values. We look forward to delivering uniquely powerful results for you as well.

Statements from our clients:
“We’ve used The Articulate Leader program to prepare our up-and-coming leaders to have greater visibility and credibility with clients and executive management. I’ve been truly impressed with the advances I’ve seen in their performance as they present with greater clarity and confidence.”

Kathy Kerr, President, MAXIMUS Human Services North America

“This has been the best workshop I have EVER attended. The coursemates work well together and along with the facilitator, we all developed a great friendship. I loved the “impromptu” thinking on your feet. One of my most memorable parts of the program was seeing the growth and progress in my coursemates and myself. At first I thought my least favorite part was the assignment, but I know now how beneficial it was.”
“CTAT training courses have been an integral part of my development as a Program Coordinator as well as a professional. Each training I’ve attended has taught me a new set of skills and/or improved upon skills I already had.”
“The facilitator was very helpful and patient when critiquing our presentations.  The tools that were provided helped us prepare for a presentation and lower our anxiety.”

“Hi Joanne, thanks again for an incredible training and development opportunity!”
“I’ve been to many workshops. I was amazed with the Introduction to Disabilities training. The use of movies keeps the class interesting and flowing and helps promote discussion about many different arenas. I would highly recommend this workshop for anyone entering this field or to someone who would like to renew their mission in working with people who have disabilities. Wonderful!”
“Become a Customer Service Superstar was creative, energizing and fun. Nancy is a great trainer. Nancy is very skilled at relating to her students and finding effective ways to convey the curriculum of the course. A must attend for everyone!”
“The National Certificate in Employment Services course provided by CTAT has given me relevant information to improve my job performance, more importantly it has given me the confidence needed to succeed.”
“The Social Security training is a “red meat” training seminar. No other conference provided such detailed, useful information that I can use in my daily tasks.”
“Thank you, Joanne! It was an amazing two days and we accomplished so much in such a short amount of time. Thank you for being such an exceptional, warm and engaging guide!”


“Coaching for Peak Performance is very informative; it really allowed me to have the tools I need to succeed in all my coaching endeavors. I feel much more comfortable and confident about coaching my staff to be more successful.”
“I felt so alone after my head injury. It was with trepidation that I came to the CTAT TBI Survivor Series. I walked through the room to welcoming food and the sight of a room full of people, mainly with brain injuries. What an eye opener for me! I went from being alone, to being a member of a group, to being with friends, to being in a world that then included me.”
“I really appreciated the variety of information and positive attitude from all the staff and others. I can really accomplish more things.”
“I liked the accessibility of the speakers and interaction. Great info!”
“Helpful to hear techniques for improving symptoms of TBI. You gave me information and hope.”
“I like the opportunity to share in small groups. Very friendly and informative speakers.”
“Joanne Cohen is an exceptional Keynote Presenter. The keynote for the Brain Injury Association of Missouri Conference WOWed professionals, survivors and family members alike. Her warm demeanor, compassion and message inspired everyone. We continue to hear “I LOVE Joanne!!” She is recommended for any group – and you too will LOVE HER.”
Maureen Cunningham, Executive Director, Brain Injury Association of Missouri
“I really appreciate the Survivor Series. It has been helpful to me over 4 years of participating. I always learn something new. If not for them I don’t know where I would be now… ”
Pam Keese