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Joanne’s Survivor Series (SS) Keynote, National Brain Injury Employment Conference (NBIEC)

Below are some of our recent and upcoming keynote events:

“Loving the New Me. Getting Hit, Getting Up, and Moving Beyond: 13 keys to re-empowerment, adjusting to life with brain injury through a positive attitude and acceptance of the new you or a loved one.”

Joanne Cohen, M.A., CBIS

“Something that Matters: Understanding, Supporting and Empowering BI Survivors”

Joanne Cohen, M.A., CBIS

A live capture (graphic recording) during a keynote speech about strategies for those with traumatic brain injuries. Visual support is very important to communicate the same message in different ways.

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“Something that Matters: Getting Hit, Getting Up, Moving Beyond, and Making a Difference”
Joanne Cohen, M.A., CBIS

Adversity is something we all face in our lifetime. Getting through the situation is first and foremost. We can then ask ourselves, what is the reason this happened, what am I supposed to do with it, and how can I help and support others?
Joanne Cohen was in a car accident in 1995 while vacationing in the Bahamas. Her life was changed forever. She was unable to walk and a year later she discovered many of her personal challenges were due to a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Today she continues to work on healing these issues. Joanne has overcome many obstacles and has exceeded the medical diagnosis, leading to a remarkable and inspirational story and recovery.

The purpose of this presentation is to demonstrate and encourage commitment to living one’s life to the fullest as a “new and different you.” It is to also educate and share insights with professionals who will be or are working with TBI/PTSD survivors who are coping with cognitive and other changes, challenges and difficulties.

Life throws us “curve balls” and what we choose to DO with those situations IS something that matters.

“Joanne Cohen is an exceptional Keynote Presenter.  The keynote for the Brain Injury Association of Missouri Conference WOWed professionals, survivors and family members alike.  Her warm demeanor, compassion and message inspired everyone.  We continue to hear “I LOVE Joanne!!”  She is recommended for any group – and you too will LOVE HER.”

Maureen Cunningham, Executive Director, Brain Injury Association of Missouri

Karen Karsh, Keynote Speaker and Entertainer

Karen has sung professionally since age 15. As an adult, she has become a thinking person’s singer-songwriter. “I write from my soul,” explains Karen.

She has performed with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra and recorded for ABC Dunhill Records. In 1992 she was awarded Gannett Broadcasting’s, “Innovation of the Year” for her television feature, “Unsung Heroes.”

Her songs have a positive message and she says she likes her audiences to leave her performances feeling, “like we all have a place in the world and that if we let love lead the way, we’ll make it a better place to live.”

Karen Karsh