Growing Teams

growingteamsWhether your team is functional or dysfunctional, we will work with you to design a participative process to support team members to develop and enhance their skills and “will” to grow and become a high performance team player AND a high performance team. The modules will be designed and customized to fit the needs of your organization, your management,and members of your team. A facilitated process that has been “tried, true, and tested” successfully is used and follow-up sessions are built into the program to ensure success for you and your team.

A customized process will be explored that focuses on developing and enhancing skills that facilitate team effectiveness and results. Topics include teaming, resolving conflict, problem solving, and thinking and behaving as a leader. You will leave this session with tools that can be immediately used with your teams to achieve maximum team effectiveness and results.

“The training was very relevant to my day to day job and provided many tools for me to grow as a Leader and personally. I truly appreciate Joanne’s time and her dedication to the training! Thank you.”

Tracie Hinds, OC CalWorks/Human Services North America (HSNA), MAXIMUS

“I enjoyed the program and feel that the takeaways from this training can be applied to so many aspects of my life.”

Participant, OC CalWorks/HSNA, MAXIMUS

“This is one of the most powerful trainings I have experienced. We focused on the positives and easily tackled our to do list. I appreciate Joanne’s feedback and really look forward to implementing her tips and tools.”

Maria Piloti, OC CalWorks/HSNA, MAXIMUS

“The tools gained from the program will assist in work and home. I look forward to watching them work their magic.”

Participant, OC CalWorks/HSNA, MAXIMUS

“The energy I brought home after the first day of the workshop allowed me a better understanding about my personal relationships.”

QA /Staff development, OC CalWorks, HSNA, MAXIMUS

“This class helped me gain a new perspective and strengthened the positive relationships with my co-workers.”

Participant, OC CalWorks/HSNA, MAXIMUS

“Raising the Bar” helped me understand my leadership team and what problems/struggles they face. This will not only help me communicate with them, but to help meet their needs.”

Alanna Dunton, OC CalWorks/HSNA, MAXIMUS

“I have been implementing the problem solving model tool. I used the super hero pose today while preparing, and overall, loved the program! Can’t wait to follow up in 6 months.”

Lena Ortloff, OC CalWorks/HSNA, MAXIMUS

“This class was a great experience, not just applicable to work, but to my personal life. This was a much needed training to assist our leadership team with refining our vision and assisting us to develop a positive game plan to raise the bar.”

Albert Renteria, OC CalWorks/HSNA, MAXIMUS

“Great, a once in a lifetime opportunity!”

Melanie J. Brittain, OC CalWorks/HSNA, MAXIMUS

Focusing on naturally powerful talents helps people use them as the foundation of strengths and enjoy personal, academic, and career success. This program is dedicated to guiding everyone on your team towards optimizing their talents and we will explore a tool that can be easily implemented to do so. Move and motivate your team to become a high performance team using ideas and tools learned during this session.

Improve your performance and your team’s performance through 360˚ feedback.

What are 360˚ assessments?

  • They are tools that enhance learning and behavioral change to create stronger performance of individuals. There are many on the market that you can research. We at CTAT, LLC are working with 4-D Systems’ 360 tool. This tool allows for both individual development assessment as well as a team development assessment.
  • 4-D Systems has started to call their assessments, “accelerators” because they really do help people make changes they want to make that improve their work life and, we’ve found, their personal lives as well.
  • With CTAT, LLC, the assessment and associated coaching process is a safe, engaging, and even fun process by which each person and team experiences the power of opportunity to make their own lives and the lives of others better and more productive.
  • It is important to know that these assessments (or accelerators) are NOT performance reviews – they are confidential assessments that help individuals and teams to develop their performance.

About 4-D Systems’ 360 Accelerator:

  • It has been successfully used at most NASA Centers around the country and in many organizations in the US and in countries around the world. 4-D Systems has learned and evolved their process while helping approximately 2000 teams over the last 20 years.
  • 4-D Systems was founded by Charlie Pellerin, PhD, former head of Astrophysics at NASA. He describes his discoveries and processes for helping teams in his book, How NASA Builds Teams. He is a long time personal and professional friend of CTAT, LLC’s associate, Debra Whitehead. You can learn more about Charlie and 4-D Systems at or google his book title.

What does the 4-D “accelerator” do?

  • It assesses 8 key behaviors that critically impact individual and team performance.
  • Along with coaching, it provides a safe way to hear what people are already thinking about you and/or the team, providing each person with the opportunity to become better understood and to perform at higher levels.
  • With re-assessments, you have the opportunity to see a record of your feedback over time.

Participants will engage in a discussion via an active, experiential, and fun format that focuses on enhancing communication between various generations. By bridging generation gaps, participants are encouraged to honor one another and respect differences. This in turn will create awareness, reduce stress, and promote productive relationships both professionally and personally. This session is for those who have experienced conflict and misunderstanding with those of other generations and those who want to expand their “diversity” consciousness and understanding of four generations at work and outside work.


Participants will discuss and ultimately understand:

  • Differences between the four generations
  • Generational preferences and communication styles
  • The connection between miscommunication among today’s multi-generational workplace and productivity/employee engagement
  • The different strengths and perspectives each generation brings to each other and in the workplace

Additional learning points will be integrated into this session by our seasoned CTAT, LLC facilitators.This workshop can be customized for intact teams by integrating feedback/input from leader and participants prior to session.