Do You Have the Mind of an Exemplary Leader?


When companies rise it is largely because of the people that lead them. And in the event that a company fails – the failure is tied to those in leadership as well. A great leader can inspire, motivate, and drive a company to an incredible amount of success, and a poor one can cause a company to bleed money, people, and resources if they don’t have the right “stuff” to make things happen.

Being a leader is far more than just having a vision and a plan to get it done, exemplary leaders have a particular mindset, and a way of handling situations that sets them apart from their peers. Your leadership skills – and how you develop, manage and motivate your team – can have a direct impact on your ability to take your career to the next level. Leadership commands a tremendous amount of responsibility, and if you don’t know what you’re doing it can be career limiting for you, individuals on your team, and for your organization.

But here’s the good news, every great leader once….wasn’t. Every person who became a terrific leader or manager once wasn’t a manager, supervisor or leader at all – he or she worked under a boss or manager and eventually advanced to taking a leadership position. And the even better news? Exemplary leaders can be forged with the right amount of training, especially if they play towards their strengths and the strengths of their team.

So in order to become an exemplary leader, one who is trusted, admired, respected, and who inspires others to do great work, you first have to understand the qualities it takes to be such a leader.

Take a look below at feedback from previous workshop participants to see some of the top-notch leadership qualities that you may now have – or which you certainly can learn and/or develop:

Qualities of an Exemplary Leader:

  • Leads by example
  • Approachable
  • Respectful
  • No job is below him or her
  • Caring
  • Provides positive/constructive feedback in a way it can be heard, focusing on behaviors and not the individual (s)
  • Gives credit when and to whom credit is due
  • Has a vision
  • A GREAT communicator
  • Stays calm in a crisis
  • And, there are many more!

A person who embodies the qualities mentioned above is already, or can be, a truly exemplary leader. Are your skills lacking on any of these areas? There is hope! You can build these qualities in yourself.

Grow Your Leadership Strengths

In order to become an exemplary leader (or help a new manager excel in his or her new role), you can add leadership tools to your toolbox through leadership development training! Attending a leadership course or seminar can help you – or your new manager –learn additional tools and best practices to manage, develop and motivate a team. That’s why CTAT, in collaboration with the MAXIMUS Higher Education Practice, is excited to present the Leadership Development Showcase, hosted by the University of Colorado Denver Anschutz Medical Campus. This one and a half day workshop is designed to give you a taste of the very best-to-build leadership skills in an empowering and stimulating environment.

In fact, our Leadership Development Showcase (June 23-24, in Denver, CO) will help you learn how to:

  • Effectively develop employees into leaders
  • Assess your strengths as a leader and develop your team members’ individual strengths
  • Work with your team members to help them take full advantage of their strengths in order to reach the team and individual goals
  • Take a look at the how great leaders think and how to use your technical and EQ skills, coaching and coaching tools to do so
  • Manage a team made up of different generations.

Our seminar will help if you want to “raise your own bar” to become an even more effective leader, move into management in the future, or help members of your team, whom you feel are candidates for promotion, into a supervisory role. Whatever you do, don’t simply assume that you, or a manager you supervise, naturally has what it takes to be a great leader. Remember, few people are born natural leaders- and exemplary leaders are forged through challenges, training and opportunities.

Discover the exemplary leader within yourself at our Leadership Development Showcase in June. Reserve your seat today!

Leadership Development Showcase