Getting Hit, Getting Up, Moving Beyond

Getting Hit, Getting Up, Moving Beyond:  My Journey Through Brain Injury is the compelling story of one woman’s challenges as she faced sequential “hits” and how she handled adversity with resilience time after time.  Joanne Cohen, Vice President of our Brain Injury Hope Foundation (BIHF) and Managing Partner of CTAT, LLC, shares her honest and authentic journey that depicts the path to “move beyond” and create a full life that includes supporting others with tools to help enrich their lives. According the Dr. Mary Ann Keatley, co-founder of BIHF and author of Understanding Traumatic Brain Injury, “Reading this book is like having a personal coach by your side as she openly shares her fears, frustrations and insights into the recovery process.”  You can purchase this book at or


“Joanne Cohen provides a road map for anyone who is dealing with various kinds of the “damage” we can experience on this journey of life. This book is filled with inspiration, compassionate understanding and practical life lessons to share with fellows on the journey and the people who support and advocate for them. This is a handbook for thriving.” Joanne McLain, Ph.D., LPC, LAC

“I met Joanne in 2007 at a Brain Injury Survivor’s meeting that she was facilitating. It was obvious then that she is passionate about helping people (like me) with brain injuries. As a brain injury survivor/thriver herself, she nows what she is talking about, as this book demonstrates. This well-written chronicle, a combination of both practical advice and spiritual musings, could serve as a “How to Thrive after Brain Injury” manual.” Doris Sanders, BA, MPA, BI Survivor (12 brain injuries), BI coach, colleague and friend.