Manage Energy for Efficient Use of Time

Recently, I watched a YouTube video presentation by Tony Schwartz to a group of Google employees. Tony Schwartz is a best selling author and Peak Performance Expert who helps organizations perform at their best. His message was about managing energy and using it efficiently.

The reason I found this so interesting is because he stressed the importance of getting at least 8 hours of sleep at night and taking breaks during the work day. Mr. Schwartz suggests that in order for your mental, physical and emotional capacities to meet your daily demands, your brain requires time out to rest, recharge and renew.

Mr. Schwartz went on to say that each person has their own rhythms of energy flow. The normal rhythm is in 90 minute intervals, meaning the ability to stay physically and cognitively focused, with rest and renewal times in between. The renewal time is different for everyone. This renewal component is the key to efficiently managed energy and better use of time.

Paying attention to energy flow after a brain injury becomes vital. “The brain uses more energy than any other organ in the body. Before you were injured, you had a pool of reserve energy available when you overextended yourself. Following your injury, nearly all of your energy is required to perform the most basic functions just to get through the day. If you are continuing to work, you may find that when you get home, you must rest and not engage in other activities as before.” Excerpt from Understanding Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: An Insightful Guide to Symptoms, Treatments and Redefining Recovery by Mary Ann Keatley, PhD, CCC and Laura L. Whittemore. Click on Books to read a review.

Blog by Laura L. Whittemore
MTBI Survivor and Thriver