MTBI Tip for Families – Lack of Initiation

One of the complications that can show up after your family member has suffered a brain injury, whether it is severe or a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI) or a concussion, is called lack of initiation. You will notice that they will get overwhelmed easily, find it difficult to get started on something or may appear lazy. Believe me, there is nothing lazy about this person, especially if they didn’t appear this way before the injury.

It is one of the symptoms of a brain injury from which your family member will need time to heal. It is important to understand this and there are rehab techniques to breakthrough this inability to get started. Talk to a speech pathologist who specializes in treating MTBI or an occupational therapist who specializes in brain injury.

The good news is that your family member is still alive and will improve over time! Every day is a gift even though there will be good days and not so good days.  This is normal, so try to understand and be supportive. As much as you would like them to “snap out of it,” it is not possible.

“This is part of your own recovery path as well.  Allow yourself to accept help from others.  As you provide a safe place for them to heal, look for the gifts that everyone will receive.  Focus on the little successes along the way, because with a hopeful heart, you will see positive outcomes that you never expected.”  — Taken from the Chapter on “Helpful Tips for Family and Friends” in the books Recovering from MTBI, written for our Wounded Warriors and Understanding MTBI, written for all survivors of MTBI by Mary Ann Keatley, PhD, CCC and Laura L. Whittemore, MTBI Survivor. For a description for the books available on healing from MTBI, please click on Books.

Blog by Laura L. Whittemore
MTBI Survivor & Thriver