2019 – 2020 Webinar Series

Webinar Details:

The Webinar Series consists of six unique 1-hour classes offered monthly (see schedule below). Participants can register for one, several or all of the webinars. One registration pays for a phone line, so invite your colleagues, save money, and learn and plan together! This year the webinars are designed for a broad audience including managers, supervisors, and team members.

Webinar Schedule:

Thursday, September 12Effective Feedback; begin with what YOU want
Tuesday, October 8Getting Hit, Getting Up, Moving Beyond: 13 Keys to Re-empowerment
Thursday, November 7, 2019Playing for Keeps: Recruiting, Interviewing, Hiring and Retaining in Today’s Job Market
Tuesday, December 10, 2019Effective Tools to Coach Your Team
Thursday, January 09, 2020Time and Resource Management for the New Year!
Tuesday, February 11Assisting Clients/Customers and Others with Cognitive Impairments

All webinars are 1 hour:

Alaska (AKDT)10 am — 11 am
Pacific time zone11 am — 12 noon
Mountain time zone12 noon — 1 pm
Central time zone1 pm — 2 pm
Eastern time zone2 pm — 3 pm

Technical requirements:

To effectively participate in the class, participants should have access to a computer and internet connection, computer speakers or a phone line, and an email account to receive webinar log in information. If you don’t have access to a computer, you can listen in on the phone. We recommend participants “test” the link prior to the webinar.

Registration Details:

You can register online or complete a paper registration. You can mail a check or pay online with a credit card or check. If you choose to pay by check, mail the check but please scan and email your completed registration form to gbrandenburg@ctatllc.com so your participation can be expedited.

Classes are priced at $299/per phone line. You can gather as many colleagues as you would like to attend for the same low price of $299 per class.

Register and pay online for 3 or more classes at one time and pay a discounted rate.

Register for all 6 early (before 8/30/19) for a big discount!

Multi-Webinar Registration Options
Register for 2 and pay $299/webinar$598Pay Now!
Register for 3 and pay the discounted rate of $249/webinar$747Pay Now!
Register for 4 and pay the discounted rate of $239/webinar$996Pay Now!
Register for 5 and pay the discounted rate of $229/webinar$1145Pay Now!
Register for 6 and pay the discounted rate of $219/webinar$1314Pay Now!
Early Bird Registration: Register for 6 by 8/30/2019$1099Pay Now!
Individual Webinar Registrations
Thursday, September 12 – Effective Feedback; begin with what YOU want$299Pay Now!
Tuesday, October 8 – Getting Hit, Getting Up, Moving Beyond: 13 Keys to Re-empowerment$299Pay Now!
Thursday, November 7 – Playing for Keeps: Recruiting, Interviewing, Hiring and Retaining in Today’s Job Market$299Pay Now!
Tuesday, December 10 – Effective Tools to Coach Your Team$299Pay Now!
Thursday, January 9 – Time and Resource Management for the New Year!$299Pay Now!
Tuesday, February 11 – Assisting Clients/Customers and Others with Cognitive Impairments$299Pay Now!

Download Registration Form – Manual Registration

To pay by check, complete the attached form and make the check payable to CTAT, LLC.

Download Registration Form

Mail to:

6732 West Coal Mine Avenue, Suite 227
Littleton, CO 80123

If you have any questions about the series or registration, please email Joanne Cohen at jcohen@ctatllc.com or call (720) 389-0670 or (844) 444-4522.

Webinar Descriptions:

Effective Feedback; begin with what YOU want

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Marshall Goldsmith says, “Feedback is a Gift.” Actually, feedback is an art; something that requires courage and skill. In this webinar we will focus on the input, the process and the output – all critical components that lend to effective feedback. In any role communication is key and in offering your insight to a colleague, a leader or your boss can be downright tricky. Many people have a tendency to offer others what they “want” to hear – in an effort to keep the peace. When we are open, honest and fact based with feedback we build credibility and empower others to be at their best. Join us as we identify areas of opportunity that will allow you to state your intention, focus on your outcome and deliver your message with courage and confidence! Together we can make the shift in seeing feedback truly as a gift.

Getting Hit, Getting Up, Moving Beyond:  13 Keys to Re-Empowerment  

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Adversity is something we all face in our lifetime, whether it is at work or in our personal lives.  Getting through the situation is first and foremost.  We can then ask ourselves, what is the reason these situations happen, what am I supposed to do with it, and how can I be the best version of myself?

Life throws us “curve balls” and what we choose to DO with those situations IS about getting hit, getting up, moving beyond. By using Joanne’s 13 inspirational and supportive  keys to re-empowerment we can move forward in our lives, one step at a time.

Playing for Keeps: Recruiting, Interviewing, Hiring and Retaining in Today’s Job Market

Thursday, November 7, 2019

With a national unemployment rate of 3.6% companies are competing for the same employee. In this environment how can we recruit and hire the “right” people, and how can we retain the employees we have spent time and money training and mentoring? This webinar will examine some key factors in selecting the candidates that have the right skills, behaviors and attitudes, as well as fit the company culture. We will review behavioral interviewing as a tool to find the right match and best practices in retention. As a bonus, the “ban the box” legislation recently passed in Colorado will be discussed.

Effective Tools to Coach Your Team  

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Often supervisors must have difficult conversations about performance and behaviors with their team and individual team members. Handling these conversations with confidence is a true sign of a leader and with practice and training, these conversations will become easier and more effective!

Join us for this 1 hour webinar focusing on tools to use on a daily basis to coach members of your team individually and collectively. First, we will explore the leadership mind set, and the importance of your approach to coaching your team. We will discuss and demonstrate several tools to help you move your individuals and team from functional to highly functional. We will also address how to have difficult conversations. Case studies and real life “stories” will be provided to reinforce key points.

Time and Resource Management for the New Year!

Thursday, January 9, 2020

How do we manage something of which there is never enough? The new year is a perfect time to assess our time and resources and make changes that will make life easier to manage.

In this webinar, participants will explore various lenses on time and resource management. Discussion will include:

  • The power of the “now” moment;
  • Tools for allocating and managing time;
  • Determining project scope, expectations, boundaries;
  • Managing multiple priorities and crises; and
  • How time management relates to emotional intelligence.

Participants will leave with tools, techniques, and an action plan template that may be used immediately after this session.  Who should attend this session? All staff managing multiple priorities.  

Assisting Clients/Customers and Others with Cognitive Impairments

Tuesday, February 11

“I notice changes in my client’s behavior. Could these be signs of cognitive decline? How should I respond?”

Service providers working with people who have cognitive impairments and cognitive decline may have questions about their role in supporting their clients to live as independently and safely as possible. Participants in this 60-minute webinar will gain several useful tools.

Participants will learn the difference between cognitive impairment and cognitive decline, and know how to “screen” for cognitive issues. We will discuss the causes of cognitive decline and how to prevent it.

In addition, participants will explore the concept of “right to risk.” We will discuss empowering people to live as safely as possible by increasing support in the home or in a more supportive environment, as well as overcoming the challenges of moving to a new environment.

Who should attend? All staff working with people who have cognitive impairments or who are at risk of cognitive decline, and/or supporting family members and friends who are experiencing signs of cognitive decline.