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Brain Injury Treatment Panel #2 Blog, by Eliza Marie Somers

At the Brain Injury Hope Foundation our intention of the Survivor Series is to introduce TBI survivors and their families to different approaches to healing and adapting to life after at TBI. We do not endorse any of the methods or the healthcare providers that participate in our panels. We encourage you to make your […]

Feed Your Brain To Boost Recovery

Are you craving sugar after your TBI? Is your sense of smell and taste off since the accident? Has your appetite diminished? Are you battling fatigue and mood swings? Well, these are just a few of the changes you may experience after a mild traumatic brain injury. However, eating a balanced diet and taking the […]

Beyond Surviving: Fatigue and Energy Management

We have all hit the wall at some point in our lives where we just can’t keep going. It’s like walking into a plate glass door – it stops you cold. Survivors of traumatic brain injuries experience these moments more frequently, even making it hard for some folks to get out of bed. And there […]

Alternative Therapies: A Different Approach to Healing TBI

Navigating the healthcare system is a tough road to travel, add in a head injury and the road becomes filled with potholes and obstacles. Head injuries are called invisible injuries for a reason, as many people, including doctors, do not recognize the symptoms and often dismiss concussions as a bump on the head after brain […]

When and How to Disclose Your TBI

Survivor Series #3—Disclosure with Nancy Freeman, Facilitator Disclosure. It’s a touchy subject especially when you have an “invisible injury,” such as a Traumatic Brain Injury. Yes, it can be easier to disclose your injury to friends and family as opposed to an employer or co-workers, but disclosure can work to your benefit in a work […]

Keys to Re-empowerment after a Brain Injury

Keys to Re-empowerment after a Brain Injury Our bodies want to naturally heal and operate at optimal condition. Take that little cut on your finger, for example. You don’t have to do much except keep it clean and covered, and voila! Your body mends itself to create a new barrier between you and the outside […]

Successful Survivor Panel: Living with a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Being part of a community may be just what the doctor ordered. More and more medical research is revealing the health benefits of social connection, which has been proven to have the same benefits as exercising and quitting smoking. Having a sense of belonging is also being touted as aiding in the recovery of physical […]

Two Most Common Leadership Mistakes

The Two Most Common Leadership Mistakes

Leaders, managers, supervisors – they are everywhere, but truly exemplary leaders are hard to find. We revere them as heroes to society, we sing their praises and share their quotes as a way to inspire others. But here’s the secret that applies to every one of those great leaders – every great leader once wasn’t, […]

Brain Fog

For me, brain fog was like walking in molasses. That’s how I would describe my mental state after my MTBI, caused by a horse accident in 2001. Before my brain injury, I was high functioning, organized and had a great memory. For example, after the accident, I thought I could work on my Quicken accounting […]

Do you have the mind of an exemplary leader?

Do You Have the Mind of an Exemplary Leader?

When companies rise it is largely because of the people that lead them. And in the event that a company fails – the failure is tied to those in leadership as well. A great leader can inspire, motivate, and drive a company to an incredible amount of success, and a poor one can cause a […]

MTBI Tip for Families – Lack of Initiation

One of the complications that can show up after your family member has suffered a brain injury, whether it is severe or a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI) or a concussion, is called lack of initiation. You will notice that they will get overwhelmed easily, find it difficult to get started on something or may […]

Manage Energy for Efficient Use of Time

Recently, I watched a YouTube video presentation by Tony Schwartz to a group of Google employees. Tony Schwartz is a best selling author and Peak Performance Expert who helps organizations perform at their best. His message was about managing energy and using it efficiently. The reason I found this so interesting is because he stressed […]